3x3 Marquee
3 x 3 Gazebo & Marquee

Shedline offers 3x3 Gazebos and 3 x 3 Marquees in three different models.

As the 3x3 Gazebo size is used for a wide range of applications, the three gazebo models range from a cost effective base ‘Titan’ model offering excellent value, right to the absolute top end industrial grade ‘Deluxe’ 3x3 marquee model. Click here to view the marquee range in more detail.

3 x 3 Gazebo sizes are great for the likes of a market stall, a compact trade expo site or a small camping kitchen area. With the ez up gazebo only being 3x3 size, they pack down to a very compact package making the 3x3 marquees very easy to transport and store.

3x3m Marquee and Gazebos

Our most popular 3x3 marquee model is in fact the Promercial marquee. This is not super heavy yet has a highly durable and robust commercial grade frame and comes with a 6 year frame warranty. Many schools, clubs, corporates and commercial entities have proven the superiority of this 3x3 marquee model for many years.

Some of the main factors that encourage people to buy 3x3 SHEDLINE gazebos are their versatility and durability. The 3x3 marquee offers sun, wind and rain protection with its water resistant, marine grade fabric being able to filter the suns rays. This added protection from your gazebo means you are able to spend more time outdoors under your marquee, without having to worry about potential sun damage.

Within our premium selection of 3x3 gazebos and 3x3 marquees we will be able to offer a gazebo solution that fits both your requirements and your budget. Shedline is the leading NZ supplier of outstanding instant marquees and gazebos. We have been trusted for over 20 years as a specialist supplier of reputable marquees and quality gazebos – click here to view a selection of renowned brands and companies that have selected Shedline as their preferred gazebo and marquee supplier.


To discuss our Shedline 3x3 ez up gazebo models in more detail and convey your requirements so that we can make a recommendation, please contact us tollfree on 0800 144 155 or email us


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