4.5 X 3 GAZEBO

4.5 x 3 Gazebo
4.5m x 3m Gazebo

The Shedline 4.5 x 3 gazebo size is the perfect medium size EZ Up gazebo, ideal for a multiple range of uses.

Being this size, the 4.5 x 3 gazebo still only has four legs so is the maximum clear-span we offer before introducing a middle leg down the sides.

This popular 4.5 x 3 gazebo size  is for sale in all three models. This includes the top end industrial ‘Deluxe’, the commercial grade ‘Promercial’ and the quality ‘Titan’ gazebo. All these 4.5 x 3 gazebo models are constructed from superior quality aluminium extrusion with reinforced twin rib construction in all the struts. Click here to view the range selection in more detail.

4.5 x 3 gazebos while quite large in size when deployed, still pack down to a very compact package when stored and for ease of transportation.

Some people find the wind a major problem when they are using a 3m or 4.5m gazebo outdoors. Wether the gazebo is used at a yard sale, field days or a sports event, the wind is always a factor that you cannot depend on or plan for. However, SHEDLINE gazebos are designed specifically to withstand winds of up to 40km/h, so you do not have to worry about the gazebo you buy letting you down.

Wether you are looking to buy a 3m or 4.5m gazebo, we have a wide range of options for sale. Both 3m and 4.5m gazebos have the options of custom branding, if you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. The 3m gazebo is ideal for printing your company or team logo on, and the option of 3m sidewalls means you can extend the area your gazebo shelters. It also means you can now brand a larger area of your marquee, with all 3m sidewalls being able to be fully branded as well.

The 4.5 gazebo is also able to be fully branded, and a 4.5m roof branded with eye-catching designs, ensures your customers will not be able to miss you in the crowd. With a range of colours for you to buy and the options of mixing and matching sidewall and roof colours, you are able to create a 4.5m marquee that proudly displays your company logo and colours, on every surface.

To fully enclose a 4.5m marquee, you would require 2 x 3m walls and 2 x 4.5m walls. These walls are able to have zip doors or windows in them, allowing you to create a custom marquee with as much privacy as you want.

If you are unsure what size is best for you to buy, whether to go for a 4.5 x 3 gazebo or something larger/slightly smaller, we welcome you to call us on 0800 144 155 or email to discuss with one of our friendly sales team your needs and whether a 4.5 x 3 gazebo or an alternative size gazebo would be better for your requirements. 


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