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SHEDLINE - Opening a NEW chapter in Instant Marquee technology and performance

Originally founded and rooted here in New Zealand, SHEDLINE has become a reputed global brand, dedicated to providing outdoor solutions in the form of portable shade and shelter designed and constructed to withstand the demanding New Zealand conditions and for use in all aspects of outdoor leisure, events and corporate activity for all seasons.

Today, using world leading concepts and designs, SHEDLINE’s unparalleled range of Instant Marquee systems are suited to fulfill your every requirement for portable shade and/or shelter almost anytime, anywhere.


Not only throughout New Zealand will you find SHEDLINE Instant Marquees in action but also throughout Australia and the wider South Pacific region.



With SHEDLINE, you have the immediate advantage of the largest individual selection of Instant Marquees (both in colour and variety), readily available ex-stock all year round.

Delivery within New Zealand is freight free, freight charges to destinations outside of New Zealand are POA.



With many years experience specializing in the Instant Marquee & Portable Shade Canopy industry, SHEDLINE is established as a market leader in this field and can offer the expertise to carefully assess your particular requirements, with the purpose of providing you with an appropriate Instant Shelter solution that will last and perform beyond your expectations.

Our ongoing committal to providing a consistent level of premium product quality, customer choice and prompt order delivery times has never been higher.

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Simply phone us FREE on 0800 144 155 or email us: and one of our friendly team will assist you with your enquiry, quote request or any questions you may have.