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An e z up shelter is a practical choice 

You can never be completely sure of how the weather will fare. There’s always a chance that the day’s forecast won’t match the actual weather conditions for that day. So if you’ll be spending a considerable time outdoors, it’s important to have an e z up canopy on hand.

An e z up shelter protects you from the elements, providing a temporary roof over your head. It blocks harmful UV rays when the sun’s beating down on you and provides cover when it rains unexpectedly. An e z up tent usually also withstands strong winds.

This is why e z up canopies are key to you enjoying the time you spend outdoors, whether you’re on a camping site, out on the beach, by the pool or in the garden.

An e z up shelter is also a practical choice if you’re hosting an outdoor event, may it be a wedding, birthday party, family gathering or backyard barbecue. At home, you can also use an e z up canopy as a shade for vehicles and as a storage place for your outdoor supplies and equipment.

E z up canopies have business and commercial applications as well 

An e z up tent is a portable shelter solution for stalls at open-air markets and sales booth or display centers at fairs or conventions. 

We offer a range of all-season instant marquees suitable for outdoor leisure, events and corporate activities. Among these is the Titan, which can be used for sporting events, animal and pet shows, fairs, building sites, barbecue parties, emergency services and more. These incredibly compact marquees can also be used as camping or beach shade and market stalls. The best part: They can be set up in less than 60 seconds! 

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