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An easy gazebo is a practical choice 

If you are looking for an easy az shelter that combines visual appeal and functionality, a gazebo is the best fit. Gazebos can come in classical, modern or decorative designs, can have a casual or formal feel, and can create a stunning focal point in any outdoor space. Many also have features that make installation and everyday use easy. Gazebos constructed of wood and vinyl and that provide permanent shade solutions, however, can get pricey.

Prefer a cheap gazebo option? Go with portable and pop-up gazebos. Although smaller, such easy az solutions can provide shelter just as well, with that lovely and charming atmosphere of traditional gazebos to boot. They are also popular for their easy gazebo installation requirements—they can be set up in a breeze and taken down and stowed during off-season. 

Putting up foldable easy gazebo versions is particularly easy.

Gazebos of this kind boast sturdier constructions and don’t require assembly, which also means they don’t have to be dismantled after use. These cheap gazebos can be open-sided or come with screened walls for privacy.

We offer instant marquees that can be set up easily and quickly (no expert knowledge or tools required) and are compact (can be stored standing) and portable. The Titan, Promercial and Deluxe marquees have a “one piece” frame for easy gazebo operation and no center poles. You can actually put up our marquees in under a minute!

Interested in our selection? Want to inquire about our prices? Don’t hesitate to call us at 0800 144 155 (toll-free) or send an email to our customer service team: 


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