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ez pop up Canopy designs

As great as an open-air e-z up shelter is, at times it helps to have side walls. Side walls are walls you can attach to an ez pop-up tent to enclose part of or the whole ezup canopy.

An ez-up canopy with detachable side walls can give you some privacy when you’re out camping. Side walls can also make your ezup marquee look formal, if you’re at a business conference or trade show. Of course, you also get an extra layer of protection from harsh weather elements and bugs if you opt for an ezup canopy with side walls.

Materials-wise, the selection is similar to those of ez-up canopy tops. One of the favorites for ez pop-up tents are polyester, although polyethylene fabric blends are used as well for ezup marquee side walls. Mesh side walls are available too, if you don’t want the block the breeze from entering your e-z up shelter.

We offer flexible side wall options for ez pop up marquees 

These include standard side walls, side walls with windows for increased visibility and light, and side walls with zip doors for easy and quick access. The side walls are made of close-mesh, 500 denier polyester that’s fire-retardant, waterproof and rated at UPF 50+. They come in sixteen different colors but can also be printed with custom graphics. A sturdy carry bag specifically for the side walls and other accessories is available.

If you would like to get instant marquees with side walls or inquire about our pricing, feel free to contact us via phone at 0800 144 155. You can also email, and our customer service team will respond to your message promptly.



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