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Marquees such as ez up canopies come in different styles. 

Marquees such as ez up canopies come in different styles. If you need a durable kind, a pole ez up tent is a safe bet. With this type of ez ups, you can expect to get a stable and sturdy ez up canopy. Such ez up canopies are supported by several poles, in the center and along the perimeter. Cording ties are attached to stakes or anchors, creating the tension that makes for steady and secure ez up shelters.

Canopies in this design are relatively easy to set up with the proper tools. Two people can actually pull off an ez up tent assembly, ensuring that there’s 4 to 6 feet of clearance on every side of the ez up canopy.

EZ Up shelters are built to last 

They're suitable for long-term use. You can get a small ez ups pole tent for your home or a large outdoor event. Colours and sizes vary.

At our company, you’ll find instant pole marquees that are simple to erect and easy to transport. Our Event marquee has a commercial-grade PVC roof, galvanized steel peak and edge poles, strong ratchet-style anchoring ties and substantial ground pegs. Available in single- or twin-peak designs, our Apex Shade marquee uses 500 denier, close-mesh polyester and comes with one or more center poles and ground pegs.

For more information on our instant pole marquees, phone us toll-free at 0800 144 155. You can also send your inquiries via email to, and our customer service team will get back to you right away.



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