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Gazebo tents usually come with accessories that make them more versatile, reliable and portable.  

Say you’re in the market for a camping gazebo. You may want to get a gazebo with walls for privacy or discretion and extra protection against harsh weather elements and bugs. The walls attach to the sides of the tent and can be made of polyester, polyethylene fabric blends or mesh.

For securing and stabilizing your gazebo, leg weights ought to do the trick. Fill these bags with sand or rocks then attach them to the legs of the gazebo. Leg weights can typically hold 15 to 30 pounds.

If you’re eyeing a gazebo 3x4.5m in size, a carry bag or roller bag will make transporting the gazebo tent easier. Just make sure your camping gazebo bag is sturdy, including the handles. 

We offer different types of gazebo with walls.  

The side walls are available in various sizes and colors and are made of durable 500 denier polyester, the same material used for the roof. Besides standard side walls, you can opt for versions with a window for extra visibility and a zip door for extra access.

Designs of gazebo 3x4.5m, 3x3m and 3x6m in size are available for the Titan, Promercial and Deluxe lines. In addition, we have a 2.4x2.4m Titan model and 4x4m, 4x8m and 6m-diameter (hexagonal) Deluxe models. Separate carry bags for the frame and for side walls and accessories are provided.

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