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we offer durable and reliable marquees for sale 

Planning and prepping for your big day? If you’ll be having an outdoor ceremony or reception, consider getting a marquee. Weddings are not spared from unpredictable weather changes. You may try calling on your lucky star. Marquees, however, are the better bet.

Marquee tents can be set up to keep the party going should there be an unexpected rain shower. And your guests can take cover in a marquee. Wedding disaster averted!

Getting marquees for sale will be worth it, even if it doesn’t rain. With marquee tents, everyone at your wedding have cool and shady spots where they can retreat to if it gets uncomfortably hot or a bit too windy.

At our company, marquees that stand up to tough weather conditions are the star. Marquees from the company can even be used for events that last beyond a day.

What makes our marquees for sale so strong? 

All our designs are fitted with twin internally ribbed strut bars, and these strut bars help keep the frame rigid. Our Deluxe models are particularly impressive, performance-wise. They are made with extra heavy-duty materials, including industrial-grade aluminum for the primary frame construction, from the legs to the truss bars and connecting joint. Aluminum is also used for the footplate welded at the base of each leg, preventing the marquee from sinking when it is secured to non-solid ground. The roof is made of durable 500 denier polyester.

If you would like to find out more about our Deluxe line and other offerings, simply give us at 0800 144 155. For immediate action, you can also send your inquiries via email to our customer service team:



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