Buy a warehouse gazebo today from SHEDLINE

There are myriads of ways to use a gazebo. Warehouse storage is one example.

Yes, you can temporarily store supplies, furniture and equipment under a marquee as you would in an actual warehouse. Gazebos can protect these items from harsh weather elements, minimizing wear and tear and prolonging service life. You can save your outdoor furniture from discolouration and keep your metal tools free of rust with the help of a gazebo that effectively blocks UV rays and moisture.

As a makeshift warehouse, gazebos can be used during the colder months, when most of your outdoor tools need to be kept in storage, or during summer, if you need a gazebo for your boat and other recreational equipment. 

For optimum protection, opt for a heavy-duty gazebo.  

Warehouse gazebos are often light duty structures, so when you come across a warehouse gazebo sale, make sure you consider the alternatives also and ensure to pick a design that’s sturdy, durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Such gazebos tend to be priced higher than lightweight marquees, so finding one during a gazebo sale is an absolute treat. Remember, the best value is not necessarily the cheapest!

Our instant marquees have extra sturdy frames, with strut bars making up 80 percent of the frame. Each strut bar has twin reinforcing ribs running through it for additional strength, to keep the full frame rigid and prevent the struts from flexing in strong wind conditions. For the Promercial and Deluxe lines, we welded heavy-duty aluminium feet to the legs to ensure that tent is secure and stable once pegged down.

Contact us now for additional information on our product range and pricing. We can be reached via phone at 0800 144 155 (toll-free), or you can email our customer service team at [email protected]



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