reasons to invest in a Branded Gazebo NZ

A branded pop up gazebo canopy offers exceptional marketing value. By having the canopy of your gazebo branded where ever it is deployed means it is providing maximum brand exposure to all. 

That is why branded gazebos  & E Z Up Canopies are such a common sight at community events, trade shows and business functions. The branding creates an eye-catching, visual tent that stands out from the crowd. 

With this in mind, many companies will use branded pop-up gazebo tents to lend out to the community for the likes of sporting events and fun days. While the organisation is grateful to have the loan of the gazebo (with the printed marquee canopy) thus creating a sense of obligation back to the company that lent it to them, when they do use it in a crowd environment the branding on the gazebo creates what is effectively free advertising to all who come within the vicinity of the tent. 

It is a win-win situation for the branded pop up gazebo owner and makes a very sound return on investment. Aside from that, it means that the company also has the branded gazebo on hand to utilize whenever they wish for their own corporate functions (it is great to have the security of a canopy overhead when the weather is doubtful) or to use as a branded ‘billboard’ at a trade show or expo. 

For over 20 years, Shedline has been supplying branded pop up gazebo tents to the population of NZ. In fact we specialize in branded gazebos, pop up tents and the likes. Often when it comes to events, a decision to attend is made with minimal time to prepare. The Shedline team of branding specialists are well used to this and with our expertise, we are able to provide branding artwork extremely quickly and thus expedite production of a branded gazebo and delivery in exceptional time frames. 

Customise your marquee with branding and walls

To get some ideas on what can be achieved with a branded gazebo canopy, please click here to view our branded and printed gazebo gallery.

Shedline is the leader supplier of pop up gazebo tents in NZ. We offer all manner of gazebo styles and gazebo sizes with models to suit all requirements and applications.

You can never be sure of the weather, and that's where a gazebo provides peace of mind, as it can be relied upon to provide shelter and protection in any weather conditions. All our tent designs have twin internally ribbed struts, which add extra strength and durability to the tent. The tent roof is made from durable polyester, that will block harmful UV rays. A Shedline gazebo also can withstand strong winds, with all our gazebos having a wind rating of up to 40km/h.

To discuss your custom printed gazebo requirements in detail or for a helpful recommendation, please give us a no-obligation call on 0800 144 155 or email us on [email protected]


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