Heavy duty market gazebos
commercial grade pop gazebo

A commercial grade gazebo is constructed with quality materials throughout.  To evaluate a commercial pop up gazebo you must evaluate things like the grade of components, the size of the extrusion (i.e. how large are the frame profiles), whether or not the struts have internal reinforcing ribs and assess the waterproof qualities of the canopy.

Heavy duty waterproof gazebos are a must for use as corporate gazebos, commercial applications and large usage applications.

An important characteristic of strong gazebos is that when properly anchored, they can cope with adverse weather conditions. Shedline heavy duty market gazebos and commercial pop up gazebos are designed for use in a wide variety of corporate applications. You can click here to view our large gallery of gazebos, show casing many well-known, high-end companies and corporate entities that have trusted Shedline with their heavy duty gazebo needs.

All our gazebo canopies are waterproof and the large gazebo sizes can provide significant coverage for larger events. Rain gutters can be added to connect adjoining heavy duty gazebos, enabling you to cover an even larger area if required.  

Extra Strong Gazebos for Commercial Use

Heavy duty aside, ease of deployment and transportation is another significant consideration when assessing commercial gazebos for sale because anything that is super heavy or does not open and close smoothly can create all sorts of issues.

Shedline has been offering heavy duty waterproof gazebos for well over 20 years. Our large experience in the market of gazebos, commercial and otherwise is second to none. We offer significant frame warranties, have a large number of repeat customers and an unsurpassed extra strong reputation for supplying the best heavy duty gazebos in nz. Furthermore, we provide ongoing backup service and parts if ever required, to ensure continued functionality of your fold up gazebo even after extended use.

Custom branded products is also a market that Shedline is involved in. We offer custom branding on all our heavy duty gazebos for sale, that will suit every need and budget. There are limitless ways you can brand your large gazebos, in order to ensure your gazebos can be used as a marketing tool as well as a shelter.

Corporate branding combined with extra strong gazebo model is what the Shedline brand has been built on. Corporate requirements are such that nothing short of extra strong construction and durability are acceptable. Shedline specialises in both and we have become NZ’s number one trusted corporate supplier in this category.

It can be difficult to decide which size gazebos you require - but bear in mind that large marquee is going to offer more space for branding, ensuring that this marketing tool is used to its optimum potential.

Custom branding is available on all of the gaebos we have for sale. This means wether you need a heavy duty marquee for a corporate occasion or a large marquee to use at your local farmers market as protection from the elements, we have gazebos to suit every need.

It is difficult to find large branded marquees that are high quality and reasonably prices, but Shedline marquees are guaranteed to please. All of the marquees we have for sale carry a canopy warranty, and have been wind tunnel tested up to 40km/h. Shedline marquees are a high value product that are sturdy, durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

For the largest selection of large heavy duty gazebos for sale and stocked in our warehouse, contact the Shedline sales team toll-free on 0800 144 15 or email us, – we would love to hear from you and discuss your requirements. 


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