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SHEDLINE Instant Marquees are otherwise known as promotional tents and branded pop up tents. All of our gazebo models take only moments to erect, making them perfect for:

  • busy promotional event venues, and other functions such as parties, weddings, and social activities
  • tradeshow and festival exhibitors who have a limited time period for site setup and pack down on completion
  • back-up marquee tents for outdoor events should the temperamental New Zealand weather threaten the success of a special occasion

For optimum protection, opt for a gazebo tent

Providing both protection from elements of weather and an attractive edge to any event, a pop up tent can be used for a variety of applications at an endless array of locations. Moreover, our tents are designed to adhere to the highest standard of quality and are crafted for maximum durability.

Our promotional tents and custom gazebo tents are functional and ideal for outdoor events that require a retreat for guests to utilise when the unpredictable New Zealand weather is apparent. Best of all, these tents can be branded to meet your company’s design and promotional requirements.

If you’re not sure which tent would suit your needs best, our customer service team are always more than happy to provide you with assistance and answers to any questions you may have about our gazebo product range.

We offer custom gazebo tents, custom pop up tents and custom printed tents which can be used almost anywhere and when deployed, create an eye-catching, highly effective marketing tool while at the same time offering protection from the weather and elements.

When you purchase tents from us, you can be assured you are buying quality. We have been in the gazebo industry for over 20 years, and the Shedline brand is built on durability and quality. Our portable tents have been designed specifically for the New Zealand climate and terrain, and will not let you down.

Shedline have shade tents for sale and tent gazebos for sale that can be dispatched same day, for overnight delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

To learn more about our product range and gazebo pricing, call us toll-free at 0800 144 155.  You can also send your inquiries to 


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