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Displayed above are our three premium models of Shedline Freestanding Instant Marquees. Are you looking to purchase an instant marquee that will stand strong in NZ's harsh climate and the often restricting requirements that can accompany facilitating an occasion?

Featuring attractive finishes and the option for custom branding, our high quality instant marquees also excel as a brilliant marketing or promotional tool for your corporate occasion.

Instant Marquee Range:

Instant Marquees can be rapidly deployed in almost any location and on almost any surface. Being essentially free-standing, Instant Marquees do not rely on guy ropes to stand erect and each leg is height adjustable with a solid base plate at the base which thus allows an Instant Marquee to be erected almost any place, anywhere.

There are many options including a wide variety of colours, sizes and models available to buy so if you are looking for an instant marquee or gazebo for sale, give our friendly experienced team a call on 0800 144 155. We would love the chance to discuss your requirements and assist with your buying decision to ensure you not only buy an instant marquee within your budget but also something that will perform and last to your expectations.

Heavy Duty Marquee

Created from high quality materials to guarantee tough construction, our instant marquees are the best available for purchase on the NZ market. Moreover, we’ve established a reputation for reliable event marquees that can cater for an assortment of outdoor applications – from corporate occasions to social events, we have an extensive variety of marquees for you to buy.

If you're looking to purchase a marquee or buy marquees that can be deployed in an instant, we offer a wide variety of styles, colours and sizing option to select from.

Shedline Marquees

Shedline has become a recognised brand throughout NZ, providing quality solutions for outdoor events for a number of years. We’ve become the go-to for event marquees and tents that are tailored to withstand conditions of all kinds. Additionally, all products are created with a design that can provide shelter from harsher weather conditions, making them the ideal solution for all events.

Purchase Marquees NZ 

If you’re looking to purchase marquees for your occasion in NZ, you can find out more about our products, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team, who are always more than happy to lend a hand. We can offer you reliable advice and recommendations towards finding the perfect tent or event marquee for your needs. Give us a call on 0800 144 155, or email

What’s the difference between a marquee and a gazebo?

The terms Marquee (a large tent used for social or commercial functions) and Gazebo (a freestanding roofed structure usually open on the sides) are interchangeable terms used to describe portable structures used mostly for sporting, promotional and corporate events that provide protection from the elements. If you are looking for a gazebo or pop up gazebo NZ, these Shedline Instant Marquees will meet your needs.


Up & Down in 60 seconds

Up and down in 60 seconds