Instant Pop Up Shelters
pop up portable shelter

SHEDLINE instant pop up shelters provide the ultimate in portable, pop up shelter and instant, emergency shelter. Take them wherever you need protection from the elements, whether it’s intermittent showers or harsh, all-day sun. Both our instant easy up shelters and pole marquees can be erected within minutes, making them the best pop up shelter option available on the market, and perfect for emergency shelter.

Key features of our pop up portable shelter tents include:

  • Simple to transport
  • Easy to erect (easy up)
  • Fast to pack down when finished
  • Extended frame warranties

Should heavy clouds be threatening your special occasion, our easy up marquees also work well as an emergency shelter. Simply select a spot, open and secure the tent, and you’ll have almost instant shelter and shade should the weather dictate.

If you are hosting an outdoor event, be it a wedding, party or family barbecue, there is always the risk of it raining and you not having anywhere to shelter. In the case of this emergency, a Shedline easy up would save the day by providing ample coverage and protection from the weather conditions. It is definitely going to make your life easier by having an emergency easy up shelter on hand for times like this, when certain factors like the weather, are out of your control.

We have a range of sizes available to suit all needs, from small pop up shelters to large easy up shelters to cater for larger numbers. Our easy up shelters come in a range of colours and can be printed to promote your company branding.

For a pop up portable shelter that is heavy duty and durable, talk to the team at SHEDLINE. We can offer expert advice on the best tents, instant pop up shelters or easy up shelters for every sort of event or emergency. 

To learn more about our product range and pricing, call us toll-free at 0800 144 155. You can also send your inquiries to [email protected]



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